Optimize Performance: A Coloring Book by Brain Waves Performance

Optimal performance is when you are Performing to your maximum ability. This occurs when your physical, mental and emotional states are at their peak levels. This coloring book is designed to help you proactively prime for your best possible performance. Each page is designed to be colored in preparation for one event. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to use this book effectively to perform at your optimal level. This book is based on the scientific research of Sport Psychology and the practical applications used in training elite performers.


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About the Authors

 Karen Costello’s 28 years of experience as a coach and athlete have given her a candid and unparalleled understanding into the psyche of the athlete. Her extensive experience both as a USATF Level I Track coach and a mental performance coach includes working with the UCLA Men’s and Women’s Track & Field and Cross Country teams, USA Water Polo, individual players, world class tennis players and track and field athletes, athletes training for the olympics and high school athletes. Karen’s speciality is neuro and biofeedback training, which enables a performer insight into physical and neurological functioning associated with the thought process. In addition, Neuro and biofeedback training teaches the performer how to control their physiology and emotions for optimal performance. A mother of two and Co-Founder of Brain Waves Performance, She received her Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Argosy University. She is a certified Mental performance Consultant, CMPC with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Karen currently resides on the North Shore of Oahu.
Chris Pierce has dedicated the past decade to understanding human performance. His niche in the performance world is Mental Toughness. His intricate understanding of mental toughness has come from years of studying elite special forces soldiers, professional athletes and self discovery. As an avid surfer of over 25 years, Chris has extensive experience helping develop the mental toughness of professional and amateur surfers in California & Hawaii. Chris is a Mental Toughness Advisor to businesses, organizations and individuals and possesses a unique understanding of what it takes to be a the top of your game., He is also a keynote speaker and Co-founder of BrainWaves Performance. Chris holds a Masters degree in Sport Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Chris is happily raising his family on the North Shore of Oahu with his beautiful wife Taylor.